The Clatsop County Historical Society is an educational organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of Clatsop County Oregon and the surrounding area. CCHS offers four distinctively different museums all housed in historic buildings in Astoria, OR.

The organization has roots possibly back to the 1890s. In the 1920s a group of citizens calling themselves the Clatsop County Historical Society met monthly to discuss cultural topics. They also established small exhibits in the local courthouse. When the historic Flavel mansion was slated for destruction in the late 1940s, the group rallied to save the building for use as a museum. Open to the public since the early 1950s, CCHS continues to educate and entertain visitors from around the world.

CCHS is not a government agency; we are a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors. The annual budget is about $700,000. Most of our income comes from admissions, sales in our gift shops, memberships, fundraisers, and the generosity of our friends in the community.

About CCHS

Photo used in the Clatsop County Historical Society promotion “Rehabilitation of the Clatsop County Historical Society, Inc. May 23, 1951.” Left to right: John E. Wicks, Treasurer; Dr. Regner W. Kullberg, President; Charles Dodge, Vice President.